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How do you gaurd your advertisement's relevancy online?
Strategic online media planning that helps boost relevant traffic to your website
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What We Do

As media diet statistics go, digital is the main course. Thanks to smarter technology, a prosumer, young or old, is exposed to digital media for most part of the day. Brands are trying their best to gain a considerable share of the aperture. However, the digital landscape is a mash-up of these efforts.

So here’s what we do. We integrate your digital marketing efforts.

In a cacophonic world of digital marketing, we spearhead tractable strategies that will get you the desired traction among your audience. Be it your website, use of new digital media or optimizing your business for the searching billions, we have it covered.

1. Build Digital Identities

Your website is more than a mere digital product brochure. It’s your 15 second shot at capturing your audience’s rapt attention. Make it count.

Through conversation and research, we understand your preferred audience, you and your product. Over some brainstorming sessions, we connect the three. See some of our work.

Alright, now that you have a great address, it’s time to invite your audience over. What better to invite them than make it heard on the web’s loudest loudspeakers – the search engines.

2. Market brands through vital search engines

Search engines are time-tested tools for marketing your brands. Putting the spotlight on your website in the search engine hall of fame (referred to as the first Search Engine Results Page or SERP) is termed as Search Engine Optimization or SEO and marketing them through these search engines is done through Search Engine Marketing or SEM.

Why are these marketing means so effective? Because it’s the only channel where your audience comes knocking at your door. Make sure you are in the limelight.

Our search engineers interpret your desired audience and your products to tailor paid search and organic search strategies that will help you harness the power of the search engines. This will help to raise your website to prominent visibility levels.

Apart from executing the appropriate search engine strategy, we can also direct you towards one.

3. Integrated New Media Marketing

What is new media? Any medium that provides a platform for you to converse with your audience, interact with them and even provide value-driven engagement, creatively.

We interpret the changing media patterns and conceive ideas and means to engage your audience through:

Social Media Marketing
Marketing through Mobile technology

4. Online Media planning/buying

As with offline advertisement, online marketing also has its share of media planning and buying. Euro RSCG 4D Matrix houses its share of online media planners and buyers. This group decides the best online ad placements from numerous global websites.

We are constant conversation with you regarding your desired product positioning, placements and the chord you want to strike with your prospects. Our experience in understanding demographics and relative online behaviour has helped us plan and buy appropriate online media.

We rely on our experience, control, associations and knowledge of online media behaviours to help us chalk out a plan for you. Unlike offline media, digital media requires constant tracking, monitoring and tweaking in order to help get the maximum shout.

Online media planning/buying would be a standard process in terms of digital marketing. This requires publishing, ad-serving, campaign management and the related online media juice.

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